Truth-In-Savings Fee Schedule

Share Draft Account Fees
Overdraft $30.00 per item

Overdraft for 5+ days $5.00 per day after 5 days

NSF $30.00 per item

Returned Item $10.00 per item

Stop Payment $10.00 per item

Copy Of Check $2.00/check (two free per month)

Sharedraft Printing Prices may vary depending on style

Protest Check $15.00/$25.00 (member/non-member respectively)

Money Market Savings Account Fees
Service Fee $10.00/ month if minimum balance not met

Excessive Withdrawal $15.00/ withdrawal after three (3) withdrawals/month

Other Service Fees
Wire Transfer  

     Incoming $10.00 per wire

     Domestic $15.00 per transfer

     International $45.00 per transfer

Account Reconciliation $20.00/hour -- $10.00 minimum charge

Paper Statement  

     Members age 65 and over $1.00/statement

     Members less than age 65 $3.00/statement

Statement Copy $1.00/page

Account Activity Printout $1.00/printout

Deposited Item Return $10.00/item

Legal Process $100.00

Account Closure $25.00 if acct. closed within ninety (90) days

Photocopy $1.00/page

Fax $1.00/fax (outgoing and incoming)

Excessive Transfers $2.00/transfer after six (6) transfers

Return Mail $1.50 (address change)

Money Order $3.00

Bank Check $3.00

Credit Report $12.00 per person, $50.00 business

Abandoned Account Process $50.00/Account

EFT Fees
Debit Card Fees
ATM Transaction $1.50/ea. Transaction @ ATM not owned by HFCU or SEFCU

Card Replacement $5.00/card

NSF $30.00 per item

Overdraft $30.00 per item

Excessive Usage $1.50/ transaction, after 3 withdrawals from HFCU or SEFCU owned ATM per day

Foreign Transaction 1.00% of transaction amount
Preauthorized EFT Fees
NSF $30.00 per item

Overdraft $30.00 per item

Quick Pay (Billpay) Free

Credit Card Fees
Rush Fee $25.00

PIN Replacement $5.00

Card Replacement $5.00

Pay-by-Phone $10.00

Share Value
Par Value of 1 Share $25.00

Par Value of 1 Share $5.00 (Under age eighteen (18))
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